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2continue - company continuity

A number of senior advisors have joined their activities under the name of 2continue and have become associates of this unique partnership. By far the majority of these advisors are accredited IIB associates. Two of them have developed a Bizz App. By using this Bizz App we advise Managing Directors Owners (MDO’s) to be prepared for a situation in which they unexpectedly pass away and leave a company with employees behind. We see very often that in SME’s de MDO plays a crucial role in the daily management and execution of the strategy of the company. This makes him and the company very vulnerable. For this purpose we closely cooperate with notaries and fiscal specialists that have a lot of experience in this area.

The uniqueness of this Bizz App is that it also pays attention to the business aspects of the company that s left behind. By means of a emergency succession plan a long list of various business aspects in case of an unexpected death of the MDO is taken care of. Also the interaction between the legal, fiscal and business aspects is closely watched and secured. It is this combination that makes the Bizz App so unique and value wise most interesting. Ask for the contingency scan that Comp8 Consultancy can perform for you. Based on this scan we can offer you a exclusive plan of action. Read more about 2 continue